Owner pleads for puppies back, says she’ll show mercy

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NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WANE) –  One dog owner said she will show mercy to the person or people who stole six newborn puppies. Alisha Pitman said her dog Tinkerbell gave birth to 11 puppies only 12 days ago.She said the person or people who did this can anonymously drop them off or she could even arrange a reward. Pitman is pleading for the puppies back so Tinkerbell can have peace of mind, and the missing puppies can have a chance of survival.

“Their eyes weren’t even open when they were taken,” Pitman said.

Sometime between 2 p.m. and 10 p.m. Wednesday someone broke into her home in New Haven while she was working and took six of her 11 puppies. When she got home she noticed her door was unlocked.

“I made sure it was locked [before I went to work],” Pitman said. “So I walked through and kind of saw my window covers moved over a little bit. I didn’t really notice nothing but I walked back through and there were five puppies instead of 11.”

What Pitman suspects is someone fed Tinkerbell hot dogs through the window while another person got away with the puppies. When Tinkerbell noticed what was happening she went to the defense of her puppies, the people cut her and left. Pitman said Tinkerbell has bleeding when she returned from work Wednesday, but has pretty much healed since.

She has no idea who could’ve done it, but might know why.

“Obviously people see pit bull puppies and they see money,” Pitman said. “They say let’s flip these and sell them to a whole bunch of people.”

But Pitman isn’t sure the puppies will survive for a sale to even happen.

“They’re not going to make it if they’re not returned home or fed like every two hours,” Pitman said. “No one has the patience for that.”

Pitman said she plans to get Tinkerbell fixed this spring once the puppies are weaned. New Have Police are investigating. However, detectives said there is little evidence, so they are relying on tips from the public. If you have information on this case call 260-748-7080.

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