Owner: Duo steals rare comic books from Vintage Treasures Antique Mall

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The owner of Vintage Treasures Antique Mall, off West Coliseum Boulevard, says she’s shocked thousands of dollars of rare comic books were stolen in broad daylight at her store, and it was all caught on-camera.

The vendor and owner of the comics, Ty Bennett, says he couldn’t believe it happened.

Jonele Bilby, co-owner of Vintage Treasures, says she feels violated that this happened in their store, but they’re working with the police and the vendor to find out who is responsible.

“She stood in the aisle watching guard, while he removed the doors and took the items out, and both walked to the front and walked out the door,” Jonele describes the surveillance video.

Jonele says surveillance video shows the thief removing glass from Ty’s locked case in his booth, and stealing about 18 comics, Tuesday morning.

Ty says they’re worth nearly $3,000 dollars and are valued treasures.

“I really believe in the good of people, and it hurts when someone actually goes through the effort to steal something. I think that takes a lot more effort than working for it honestly. And it’s kind of just a shame, it broke my heart,” says Ty.

Vintage Treasures has over 25 cameras, and one was pointed at the alleged theft.

Jonele believes it didn’t happen on a whim.

“Experienced shoplifters who knew what they were doing,” she says.

“We will be watching the rest of the video tape from the day prior, and possibly over the weekend to see if they came through and looked around, as you might say, case the joint,” Jonele explains.

In the meantime, a police report has been filed, and Jonele, her husband Doug, and Ty are asking for your help identifying the duo in the video.

They’re described as a white man with glasses, graying hair, heavier set, and in his early to late 40’s. The woman is described as white, heavy set in her early to mid-30’s with brown hair, and glasses.

“You know you want to hope people aren’t going to do that to another person. I feel vulnerable now, I don’t like that. So, my guards up, so watch out,” warns Jonele.

Jonele says unfortunately their insurance does not cover stolen items.

If you have any information that can help in this case, call the Fort Wayne Police Department’s non-emergency line at 427-1222.

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