Over 120 students participate in first National History Day in Indiana contest

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)- Over 120 students participated in the first National History Day in Indiana regional contest at Ivy Tech on Saturday.

Students from DeKalb High School, Columbia City High School, Edgewood Middle School, and Lakewood Middle School participated in the contest.

The students presented history projects in the form of documentaries, exhibits, papers, performances, or websites.

Their projects were judged by volunteers from across the region.

The finalists will advance to the state competition in April at Ivy Tech in downtown Indianapolis. The top 2 projects in the state contest from each project type and age range will move on to compete in nationally in Washington D.C.

The complete list of regional finalists are below:

Junior Individual Documentary

• Anastasia Kalikova – Edgewood Middle School

“The Most Notorious Witch Hunt”

Junior Group Exhibit

• Kaci Krebbs, Tes Berelsman – Edgewood Middle School

“She Made a Difference”

• Tate VanHouten, Jennifer Tiahuextl, Elena Crawford, Ava Knight – Edgewood Middle School

“The Women’s Suffrage Movement: Unveiling a Conflict”

• Wini Barnett, Myah Ault, Aspen Wagoner, Sydney Langhorn – Edgewood Middle School

“Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: On the Brink of a Nuclear War”

• Zachary Nicholas, Andrew Frush – Edgewood Middle School

“The Manhattan Project”

• Kaylee Ochoa, Rachel Doyle – Lakewood Middle School

“Eleanor Roosevelt”

• Elena Sullivan, Hannah Shapiro, Abigail Rahn – Lakewood Middle School

“Alexander Hamilton’s Plan”

Junior Individual Exhibit

• Bianca Jordan – Edgewood Middle School

“Witchcraft Ends with a Noose”

• Regan Brouwer – Edgewood Middle School

“Extra! Extra! The Newsboy Strike of 1899: An Incredible Story of Conflict and Compromise”

Junior Paper

• Jessica Pogue – Edgewood Middle School

“Margaret Ray Ringenberg: Women’s Rights Take Flight”

Junior Group Performance

• Keller Bailey, Ryun Hoffert, Jason Benyousky, Geoffrey Hochstetlar – Edgewood Middle School

“A Journey to Chickamauga Through the Eyes of Ambrose Bierce”

Senior Group Documentary

• Maizey Foreman, Chloe Myers – Columbia City High School

“Reformed Religion: How Constantine Compromised Christianity for Power”

• Madison Arnold, Cat VanMeter, Harley Weinberg – Columbia City High School

“Chinese Discrimination: Angel Island Immigration Station”

• Trevor Rekeweg, Amiel Gonzalez – DeKalb High School

“Follow the Money”

Senior Individual Documentary

• Carolyn Boyd – Columbia City High School

“The First Genocide”

• Ian Rentschler – Columbia City High School

“Hetch Hetchy: A Dam Conflict”

Senior Group Exhibit

• Jacob Leming, Mallory Jarrett – DeKalb High School

“Conqueror of the Old Northwest – George Rogers Clark”

• Haley Enderson, Elizabeth Leonard, Elizabeth DeWitt, Angelina Nash – DeKalb High School

“Stonewall: The Legacy Lives On”

• Lillian Walls, Zoie Christopher, Dylan Caryer – DeKalb High School

“The Ambush Picnics”

• Ashley Daly, Tori Hall – DeKalb High School

“The Immortal Crisis of HeLa”

Senior Individual Exhibit

• Jennifer Kyler – Columbia City High School

“Supporting the Troops: Compromising through Rations”

• Katie Speak – DeKalb High School

“Edward Black: Under Age and in War”

• Jenna Ensch – DeKalb High School

“Blink & You’ll Miss a Revolution”

Senior Group Performance

• Logynn Rose Bishop, Lydia Norton, Zaira Finderson – DeKalb High School

“A Flight Back to the Flapper Movement”

• Deana Glenn, Briana Inman – DeKalb High School

“The Great Mouse Debate”

Senior Group Website

• Megan Buckles, Felicity Clawson, Lauren Liston, Lauren Moon – Columbia City High School

“The Soviet Scare: The Conflict Sputnik Caused in America”

• Olivia Shearer, Emma Nicodemus – Columbia City High School

“The AIM for Equality”

• Eden Oddou, Olivia Blank, Ally Wilson – Columbia City High School

“Jane Roe: A Lightning Rod for Controversy”

• Humzah Quereshi, Hope Landis, Kendall Smith, Skye Nelson – Columbia City High School

“100 Days of Hell: The Conflict that United Rwanda”

• Ryleigh Compton, Haley Buckles – Columbia City High School

“Gay Riots of ’69”

Senior Individual Website

• Zac Barrus – Columbia City High School

“The Southern Methodist University “Death Penalty””

• Lillian Oddou – Columbia City High School

“Katherine Switzer: A Race for Equality”

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