Opening doors: Kind gesture earns Carroll HS student appreciation— and money

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Holding the door open for someone may seem like a simple gesture, but it’s one that a Carroll High School student refuses to go a day without doing.

“I usually do it because I feel like it’s the right thing to do,” said Brent Lavin.

Lavin is a junior who walks 30 minutes to school everyday because he says the bus is too loud and he likes the exercise. Once he gets to school, he makes sure he holds the door open for his classmates as they arrive each morning— regardless of the weather.

He’s been doing this since the beginning of the school year in August.

“This is just like a generous offer, I guess,” said Lavin.

His kind gesture has not gone unnoticed. A parent posted in the Northeast Allen County Schools parent Facebook group, “there is this boy who walks to the high school, and holds the door open for all the kids being dropped off. He does it, EVERY morning— rain, shine snowing, freezing. Is it silly I want to do something kind in return?”

“He even holds the door open when its getting close to start time,” the post continued. “Maybe pick a morning where all the kids being dropped off can bring him something like a Starbucks card, a thank you note, a candy bar? It ok to do something like that? Congrats to the parents who raised this young man.”

One of Lavin’s peers giving him a gift on Monday.

It turns that the suggestion was “OK.” This Monday, Carroll students brought Lavin snacks, candy, flowers and notes to show their appreciation.

“At first I thought, dang!” said Lavin. “That was pretty cool, I felt like special or something.”

It wasn’t until Lavin got home that his sister showed him his final surprise on the mobile payment service, Venmo.

“She went over and she put on this app and she showed me a whole bunch of list of people,” said Lavin. “And it showed a lot like a lot of money. I was like dang! So it ended up to be like $280.”

A box made for Lavin to put all of his gifts in.

Lavin ended up receiving an additional $40 from one of his teachers for a grand total of about $320. He says he’s going to use the money to start saving up for a car.

Although it was never about the money or gifts, he says he’s ultimately glad he decided to start holding the door open for his peers and he’ll most likely continue to do it until he graduates.

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