Once on the brink of closing, Poco Pool now thriving

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – More than a hundred families can enjoy the Fourth of July holiday at their favorite pool, but last summer they weren’t sure that pool would be open to enjoy. The Pocahontas Swim Club in Fort Wayne was recovering after a board member embezzled thousands of dollars.

“After last summer we really thought we’d have to close the doors,” Pocahontas Swim Club Board Memeber Carmen McGee said.

The oldest swim club in Fort Wayne is open for its 56th summer. A summer that was threatened at first after the pool’s treasurer embezzled money a few years ago.

“Somewhere around $80,000 [was embezzled],” McGee said.

The pool took a turn for the worst.

“The pump was broken, nothing got painted,” McGee said.

But when closure seemed like the only option members made sure that didn’t happen. The pool’s board was replaced with all new members. Then, they got to work.

“The die hards of Poco never really lost hope,” McGee said.

The pool held several fundraisers and started offering more amenities, like morning lap swims, to attract members. The pump is fixed, the pool is painted and winter vandalism repaired thanks to volunteers, and some caring community members.

“We even had paint donated by a company in town,” McGee said. “Pool paint which is very expensive.”

McGee said the pool is on the up and up. It has money to fix sudden repairs and pay lifeguards. They’ve ensured several more summers of memories.

“My kids learned to swim here,” McGee said. “They’ve been on the swim and dive team for more years than I can remember. They’re still swimming and diving. All our friends come here. it’s just a fun place to be.”

The answer was there all along.

“All it took were people who care about the pool and there were enough of us to get it done,” McGee said.

The pool opened in 1961.

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