Oil company: Train tanker car leak a false alarm

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A call that had firefighters scrambling in Ossian Monday morning turned out to be a false alarm. 

Fire crews were called to Linder Oil Company, 820 Industrial Parkway, around 1:20 a.m. after someone saw what looked like smoke or steam coming from a stopped train car. 

The Ossian Fire Department responded and located a train tanker car that appeared to be leaking fluid of some kind. 

They then called for assistance from the Air National Guard’s crash truck, which has water and foam capabilities that would have been helpful if the train car had caught fire or contained hazardous materials. 

Shortly after that, Linder Oil Company officials contacted fire officials and told them the tanker was used to transport a petroleum-based lubricant. They explained that there were no hazardous materials onboard. 

Fire crews then approached the train car and saw fluid was still coming from a pipe in the ground used to fill the tanker. 

After investigating the situation and determining it wasn’t dangerous, fire officials got another call from the oil company. 

They further explained to fire officials that the fluid crews were seeing was caused by steam used to clean and pressurize the tanker while filling it. They said it was very normal and that there was no reason to worry. 

Fire crews cleared the scene soon after that, nearly two hours after they were called there.

Firefighters returned to service with no injuries.

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