Officer delivers baby on the side of the road

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Officer Andrew Peters has worked for the Allen County Sheriff’s department for four years now. He was on his overnight shift Saturday morning when he pulled over a vehicle full of teenagers speeding. While he was stopped, he noticed a car stop and a man get out waving at him. Officer Peters asked if the man needed help. Ryan Karhoff then told Officer Peters that his wife was in labor.

Officer Peters, retelling the story, said, “He says my wife’s having a baby, I said like right now? He’s like yeah like right now.”

Andrew has three kids of his own, but nothing could have prepared him for that moment. He says it was the craziest thing he has had to do while on duty.

The two men got Kristen Karhoff in the backseat and after pushing just a few times, the Chloe was born. She was 7 pounds and 3 ounces. Officer Peters remembers feeling relieved the minute he heard the little girl’s cry. 

Kirsten knew the moment they were not going to make the 30 minute drive, all the way from their home in Payne, Ohio, to Parkview Hospital, before she had to give birth.

Kirsten said, “We made it about ten maybe fifteen minutes from here and I knew we weren’t going to make it all the way.”

Officer Peters said anything he can do to serve the community is just part of his job. Although he has not had training in delivering babies, that is how he served his community that early weekend morning.

Peters said, “People come to us in their bad times, or times when they need help, and they look for us to have all the answers, be that calming presence so even if we’re a little freaked out on the inside, we need to be that calm and collective voice that helps them through it.”

Officer Peters went back to the hospital later that morning to check on the mom and baby. The Karhoffs were so thankful and say they don’t know what would’ve happened if he wasn’t there at the right time. The officer snapped a picture holding baby Chloe, a picture that will mean a lot to both of them.

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