Offensive yard sign directed at Neighborhood Code Enforcement

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A yard sign, using offensive language was posted at a home on the corner of Lake Ave. and Reed Rd. Tuesday.

The sign read “Die NCE (Neighborhood Code Enforcement), Faggots.”  The owner, Daniel Glaser, later changed the sign to say “Die NCE, A__holes.” 

Viewers driving by alerted us to the sign through our Report It feature on

Glaser said he is angry with Neighborhood Code Enforcement because they have given him fines. According to him, the sign was put up to tell them to leave him alone. He says they have been on him about several issues since 1999, including lumber in his yard and not having an address on his house.

He used an old Chick-fil-A sign he found in a dumpster. He says he doesn’t have anything against the restaurant. Glaser says he does intend to take the sign down on Wednesday. 

City spokesman John Perlich issued this statement regarding the sign saying “We’re disapointed in this offensive sign. Our staff works very hard everyday to maintain healthy, safe, and attractive neighborhoods.”

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