Update: North Manchester veal operation disputes undercover animal abuse video

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Strauss Veal Feeds

Still image of video published by Animal Recovery Mission purports to show calves at Strauss Veal Feeds. The North Manchester feed company said it does not raise calves, however. (Animal Recovery Mission)

NORTH MANCHESTER, Ind. (WANE) — An undercover investigation by an animal welfare organization put the spotlight on an animal feed producer in northeast Indiana.

A new video released by the Animal Recovery Mission, the same organization that released videos appearing to show animal abuse at a Fair Oaks Farms facility in western Indiana that led to criminal charges earlier this year, shows what appears to be animal abuse at another Indiana farm. The video alleges the abuse occurred at Strauss Veal Feeds, an animal feed company located in North Manchester in Wabash County.

ARM purports it hired a retired sheriff’s deputy to go undercover as a calf care giver at the farm. According to ARM, the investigator found calves in poor living conditions, brutality during transport, bad hiring practices, neglect of injured or sick calves and illegal use of medications.

“This is just another example of the systemic and illegal abuse that has been consistently documented across the industrial dairy system,” said AJ Garcia, Director of Investigations for ARM.

A spokesperson at Strauss told WANE 15 that the undercover video was shot more than a year ago at a North Manchester farm it did not own at the time. When Strauss bought the farm, the company moved the calves out and began cleaning up the operation.

The facility is now empty.

WANE 15 received this statement from Midwest Veal, LLC that further explains the discrepancy:

Strauss Veal Feeds, based in Indiana, is a company that provides feed to veal farms. Strauss Brands is an independent and separate company than Strauss Veal Feeds and the two should not be confused.

Steve Anderson, President, Midwest Veal, LLC

The statement also supported the Strauss claim that all of the footage from the video came from a facility that is now empty, has been for several months, and does not contain calves.

WANE 15 called Strauss Veal Feeds on Wednesday after learning about the video. A person who answered the photo, who refused to identify herself, said she had no comment.

We spoke to a spokesperson later.

Strauss Veal Feeds has offered WANE 15 a tour of its facility. Check back on wane.com for that behind-the-scenes look at the operation.

Correction: In a previous version of this story, we indicated Strauss Veal Feeds was the farm exposed in the Animal Recovery Mission undercover video. This is not accurate. WANE 15 regrets this error.

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