Nonprofit Perfect Paws Pet Rescue asks for help to fund dog’s surgery

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Sweethearts across the country celebrated Valentine’s Day Thursday with their loved ones. However, one local girl is suffering from a broken heart, literally, and she happens to have four paws.

Four-year-old Brandy was surrendered to Perfect Paws Pet Rescue in Fort Wayne last week, and immediately volunteers knew something was wrong with the beagle.

Brandy has a condition known as PDA.

“It’s a birth defect where a blood vessel in her heart that was supposed to close at birth, did not. So, essentially, blood is going in directions it shouldn’t, and her heart is being overworked,” says Jenni Daley, a volunteer at Perfect Paws Pet Rescue.

Brandy was brought into the nonprofit after her owner passed away.

“Right away, we knew something wasn’t right. You could just kind of feel her heart shaking in her chest,” says Jenni.

With her sad puppy dog eyes, Perfect Paws is hoping to mend Brandy’s broken heart by raising money for surgery.

“We have a lot of owner surrenders every year, dogs that have torn ACL’s, allergies, cherry eyes. And our funds each year for medical cases like this aren’t that high. So, without donations there’s no way possible Brandy could have this surgery.”

With a price tag of $3,500, plus follow up appointments, Perfect Paws is asking for $5,000.

“People have questioned why we would spend so much money on one dog, and there’s really no answer for that. It’s just, we get a dog in and it’s our responsibility. People think, “Use that money to save 10 other dogs.” But that’s not the case, because we don’t have enough fosters or volunteers to take on more dogs right now,” Jenni explains.

They currently have 30 volunteers to foster dogs, each having about one foster dog.

Brandy will be up for adoption once she receives the surgery.

If you’d like to help fix Brandy’s broken heart, Perfect Paws Pet Rescue has a few ways you can do so.

If you’d like to leave a monetary donation, click here.

If you’d like to buy a $20 t-shirt to support Brandy’s surgery, click here.

Or attend Puppy Yoga at Simply Yoga on March 6th, that’s from 1-2:30 p.m. at their Stellhorn location.

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