FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Allen County Commissioners requested to withdraw their $13 million request to purchase an old Lincoln Financial building due to lack of support.

Chris Cloud, chief of staff for the commissioners, spoke at an Allen County Council meeting Thursday about the decision. According to him, commissioners received a surprise letter from Allen Superior Court stating the lack of support.

Superior Judge Jennifer DeGroote spoke during the public comment portion of the meeting and stated the following:

“Moving court offices would be detrimental to the current staff and would be bad for those who come to the courts for service. So far no plan that has been presented for moving is better than what the court staff already has.”

Because of that, there would be no sense in moving forward if the funding was too much, and the proposal was withdrawn, according to Cloud.

Several other members of the public spoke out in opposition of the purchase of the building, located at 1300 S. Clinton St. They felt that now is not the time to spend the money, as the nation faces a possible recession.

Now the concern remains where to move Allen County Community Corrections. It has been talked about that if this was approved, the Superior Court would move into the Rousseau building, which is downtown across the street from the Allen County Courthouse, to clear up space. With the proposal now being withdrawn, there are questions as to where they will be moved.