The diplomas are staying the same at Purdue University Fort Wayne. That’s the word from Purdue University’s President, Mitch Daniels.

“The Board of Trustees have heard us, and they are leaving the diplomas as they are,” says Purdue University Fort Wayne’s Chancellor, Ron Elsenbaumer.

The announcement coming nearly an hour after a student planned protest about the name change to Purdue Fort Wayne’s diplomas

“[President Daniels] has obviously heard our students, and their concerns, and they have reacted,” says Chancellor Elsenbaumer.

The current diploma says Purdue University in big letters across the top, and that it was awarded at Fort Wayne in small letters at the bottom. The change would have Purdue University Fort Wayne in bold letter at the top of the diploma.

Before the announcement, we asked students why the change matters to them.

“When employers look at it, like now I have to write Purdue University Fort Wayne as in the school Fort Wayne, not the location Fort Wayne. So, employers are going to search it up, especially in my hometown everyone is gonna kind of think that is the “dopey” Purdue,” says Mike Sassman, a mechanical engineer student at PFW.

Seconds later, Chancellor Elsenbaumer made the announcement there would be no change.

“Very excited to know I can walk away with the diploma that says Purdue University on it, and rely on the fact I went to a Purdue school,” says Mike.

The Purdue Board of Trustees were expected to discuss the diploma change on Friday, October 12th. Chancellor Elsenbaumer says if it still comes up with the board, he’ll share what the students had to say during the student planned protest.