Newborn calf inspires woman during recovery

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Jim and Pattiann Shearers own Manessa Farms in Roanoke, Indiana. There are plenty of cows on their farm roaming their 15+ acres of land.

Two weeks ago, Jim noticed the cows in an unusal spot. He went out to check if there were any newborn calves. What he found suprised him. He saw a mother cow with twin newborn calves, but one wasn’t standing up.

It’s rare for this breed to have twins. When twins are born, it’s common for the mother cow to reject one of the newborn calves. In this case, the smaller, weaker one, the mother was paying no attention to.

The Shearers brought the calf in and bottle fed her daily. They even created a bounce seat to teach the calf how to walk.

“The first day she couldn’t hardly do anything she couldn’t hardly move her head or legs or anything, and very little suckage at all when she’d try to nurse.. It was really a coincidence that I saw them and if I hadn’t seen her within an hour or so, she probably wouldn’t have made it.” Jim said.

In the midst of this happening, there was someone else in their life, that was healing. Hannah Wells has been coming to Manessa farm since she was 10-years-old. Jim and Hannah have a lot in common, starting with their passion for barrel racing.

“I’ve been barrel racing since I was 10, everything was good and then at age 14 I started feeling my heart beating really fast and really hard.” Wells said.

She had a bicusped valve, in treating that, doctors noticed that there was a blood flow leak. Last year he said it’s reached the severe leakage center, and it was at about 70 percent leakage. After her surgery 3 weeks ago, she say’s her motivation is getting to come be with the newborn calf.

“Animals have been a part of my life since I was born, and this has been a safe haven for me.” Wells said.

The calf, and Hannah, have been healing side by side, encouraging each other every step of the way.

“Whether it’s her lifting her head up and me putting my hair in a pony tail for the first time.. It’s like, if the calf can do it, I can do it.” Wells said.

Helping this calf get better, is encouraging Hannah to do the same.

“It makes my heart happy.” Wells said.

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