AUBURN, Ind. (WANE) — New restaurants are headed to Auburn.

Businesses like Texas Roadhouse and Chipotle are set to come to Auburn. While residents are excited about the announcement, some say they want to see more local businesses open up in the city as well.

Judy Strock has lived in Auburn for decades and said she is excited to hear the news of the development in her city.

“Definitely, because you don’t have to go to Fort Wayne, and I want people in Fort Wayne to come to Auburn,” Strock said.

With the recent announcement of big chains like Texas Roadhouse, Chipotle and McAlister’s Deli moving into vacant properties off I-69 that used to be a Ponderosa and a Days Inn, residents said it could bring more dollars into their city.

“It could mean more business for our community and that means more money and that means more projects that can be done,”Strock said.

Anton King is the president and CEO of the Dekalb County Economic Development Partnership and his job is to attract businesses to the county.

“Being able to keep those dollars local and have those options here as we’re trying to recruit into the community to call Auburn and DeKalb County home. You know those things help absolutely,” King said.

Strock says while she is happy about the new business, she wants to see more development for local businesses.

“Promote our community because small businesses need our money,” Strock said.

King agrees and echoes that same sentiment about Dekalb County.

“It’s ever important to have our own local flare and our local businesses and entrepreneurs are supported and I think that we have the the consumer base and the right folks in place locally to support both sides of that,” King said.

King said there are other projects in the works that haven’t been announced yet.

When asked about converting the Auburn Auction Park into a sports complex, he said they are still going through the process to get it off the ground.