FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) A new trash hauler began its collection service in Fort Wayne Friday morning. GFL Environmental took over for Red River, a company many residents would rather soon forget after years of poor service.

Green and White GFL trucks rolled out of the company’s transfer station in Fort Wayne early Friday morning. The schedule for trash and recycling won’t change for Fort Wayne residents. However because of the July 4 holiday, service will be delayed by one day next week.

The reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

One of the first GFL trucks heads out for it’s route

Dawn Renner who lives in Lincoln Village said she wasn’t sure if her garbage would really be picked up today.

But when it was she was so glad it brought her to her feet, “I was sitting out back having coffee I heard some trucks in the neighborhood, and I was so excited to see them out front I got some Gatorade for the guys. They’re doing such hard work and I was just thrilled to have our trash picked up.”

Before her garbage was picked up she called the 3-1-1 solid waste hotline Fort Wayne operates.

In the past this experience had led to many frustrating outcomes, but to her surprise she got an answer.

Yes, it would be picked up.

And that wasn’t the only positive 3-1-1 outcome for GFL on their debut.

A concerning video of garbage not being picked up was sent to Wane 15 this morning. By the time we were able to ask GFL’s general manager, Jacob Diliberto it was already resolved.

Diliberto said the situation is one that exemplifies how things should be done with customer feedback, “Oh yeah I talked to this resident today, that 311 call went right to me I spoke to that resident. Our drivers, we had a rescue truck and go pick that up right away. It’s that good feedback we want so that we can ensure good satisfaction.”

According toG FL’s Director of Municipal Affairs and Operational Improvement Sam Caramagno, GFL is amending the routes drivers take on a daily basis but not changing your pickup days.

Part of the reason for doing so is because they’ll have more trucks on the streets than Red River did. When the fleet is deployed on Friday, at least 33 trucks will be off to cover the city. Mayor Tom Henry called that number “significantly more” than what Red River had.

Caramagno told WANE 15 they want to make it so Fort Wayne residents don’t have to think twice about trash and recycling.

Caramagno said that while they send out 33 to 35 trucks per day, they have 40 available trucks for scenarios where one goes out of service. That way, they won’t miss a beat.

“We’re going to run more trucks than, what has typically been run here in the city of Fort Wayne. So, the trucks will be routed differently, but all on the same day. So, no changes there,” he said.

Caramagno added that you’ll see four different types of trucks driving around town. They have regular trucks with just a back loader, trucks with mechanical arms on the side, front-loading trucks, and what they call “mini packers.”

The mini packers will be used to cover alleys and areas with tight turns like cul-de-sacs. They’ll also be deployed to get misses or late set-outs noted by route managers.