New comedy class set to help students cope with life’s hardships

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The Fort Wayne Comedy Club hosted a show Friday night to raise money for school supplies for kids but also to help fund this new class. The idea is to help teach kids how to use comedy to cope with bullying and other struggles in life.

“The idea for the Humor Association started…most comedians come from a background of a troubled past either a broken home, low income, something like that,” Gina Chiapazzi from the Humor Foundation said. “Comedy has always been used as a way for them to cope with that, and we wanted to be able to take that and really turn that into a class and teach kids the social skills that are necessary in order  to be able to deal with adversity.”

Students who take the class will learn how to write jokes, practice their skills, then, at the end of the course, put on a live comedy show.

Motivation for this idea comes from a simple thought.

“To be able to take something that we love and to have it benefit kids and be able to give kids an opportunity to learn something they may not necessarily learn in a traditional school sense is a great thing,” Chiapazzi said.

Students at Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy can sign up for this class like any other class and take it this coming fall semester.

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