FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Nicole Inman didn’t know that her neighbor’s apartment complex was burning when her dog Mandy was barking at sirens last Saturday.

“We live near busy roads so it’s not uncommon to hear sirens,” Inman said.

But when her neighbor came to the door, the situation became clear, one building of apartments at the Arbor Lakes Apartment Complex was burning.

“There was a fire and I thought at first she meant our building or you know, so I just took off after behind her and went down and watched it,” Inman said. “I had never, ever seen anything like that in person.”

The building has since been condemned, and Inman is still feeling for her neighbors.

“We kept thinking What about people that are home to come home and say that your apartments, your home is gone,” Inman said. “It was devastating.”

The nature of the fire has still not been released by the Fort Wayne Police Department.