Neighborhood urges Mayor Henry, Council to fully support Electric Works

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Timothy Hinchman bought his West Central home just two months ago. He already has new decorations in his lawn.

They’re signs showing support for Electric Works, and urging Mayor Henry and City Council to back it as much as they can.

“Thought [Electric Works] would help property values, and the city in general,” Hinchman said.

The signs were created by the neighborhood Association. More than 100 have been passed out.

“I’d see some homeowners sitting outside, and I’d park the car, walk up and ask them if they wouldn’t mind supporting this project, and I didn’t come across a single homeowner out of a dozen or two dozen who declined,” The Neighborhood Association’s Director of Marketing, Tyler Bowers, said.

Electric Works developers are asking for $65 million in local funds. Mayor Tom Henry has pledged $50 million. The County has only committed to one million as of now.

“We’re really happy to see the recent announcements about the $50 million,” Neighborhood Association President Ben Wahli said. “Our focus is to see that this project is going to happen, and it sounds like the $65 million is a real need so we’re just asking for that to happen.”

While homeowners look forward to the quick development the project may bring to the neighborhood, they’re also anticipating positive affects on their property value. Wahli saw it when he visited a similar project completed in North Carolina.

“I even looked at the property values for the residents around that project, and they were selling at about six times the amount than before that project,” Wahli said.

The developers and City Council have said a financial plan needs to be in place by the end of June.

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