FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Wayne Barker officially started as superintendent of the Northwest Allen County School District in June of 2022.

And now that he’s had time to settle into his role, he’s looking at ways to clean up and modernize the district’s policy.

“We’re going to be basically doing a complete overhaul of all of our policies,” Barker said. “If you look at many of our policies now they are very much out of date.”

While it seems this will be an ongoing process until the district is where Barker wants it to be, a number of changes were read on Monday’s school board meaning they can be passed as soon as next week.

However, the changes introduced at Monday’s meeting including changes regarding communicable disease and tobacco policy are just a sliver of what Barker hopes to accomplish.

“Periodically, basically one per month we’re going to be bringing a new batch of policies to the board,” Barker said. “The board understands that their mission, their responsibility as a board of trustees is to govern this district, and to do that one of the first ways is setting policy.”

A list of those 11 policies, four administrative guidelines, and two forms that could be changed next week, and exact info can be found below.

Changes can be voted on once they are read in for a second time, meaning that the above changes can be voted on if they are read again next week.

Changes must receive 3 out of 5 votes in favor to pass.