‘My ultimate goal is to make sure everyone has a quality of life’: 6th District councilwoman reflects on 100-day mark

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This past week our newly elected city officials reached 100-days, and this council had an addition of two women.

Councilwoman Sharon Tucker said she made it to the 100-day mark and she is still overwhelmed with excitement and satisfaction. Tucker, served on Allen County’s council before running for Fort Wayne’s City Council’s 6th District seat. She told WANE 15 she made the switch because she believes she could make more of an impact by representing the district where she resides.

Tucker is now the new incumbent of a seat that was held by the council’s longest-serving councilman Glynn Hines.

“I’m taking a seat of a 20-year councilman who served in the district for 20-years, he gave his blood sweat and tears to the district for 20-years,” said Tucker.

Tucker added that she knows she has some huge shoes to fill following her predecessor but is happy to work alongside him during her term. One of the biggest reasons she decided to serve is because she knows how much of an impact she can make by having input on what happens to the local budget, which determines constitutes taxes.

She stressed that she is a cheerleader and champion to the community and has a passion to make sure the common voice is heard.

“For me being able to have input on what that looks like for everyday working people, middle class, low income, high-income wage earners it’s important,” said Tucker. “My ultimate goal is to make sure everyone has a quality of life with balance”.

When it comes to her district, she said she hears the community and she knows economic development is needed. She plans on using her term to fight to bring restaurants, grocery stores and retail to the area.

“Be patient because one hundred days we have done a lot, but I know there is a lot more to do,” said Tucker. “I know it’s on everybody’s radar and I am excited about it, I am so excited about it.”

Tucker added that people are starting to dream and normalize development in the 6th District and she feels that’s a step forward in the right direction.

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