Multiple arrests in connection with gang activity

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Around 9 p.m. Monday, the Fort Wayne Police Department’s Gang and Violent Crimes Unit and SWAT team entered a home at 2805 South Lafayette Street. Police had been surveilling the property for a month after receiving complaints about the home, including reports of shots fired, intimidations, and drug & gang activity.

Members of FWPD’s Gang and Violent Crimes Unit  witnessed dozens of people in and out of the home, people waving guns around, and drug deals in plain sight. Sgt. Gary Hensler said he doesn’t believe anyone actually lived there, though. 

“The term you’d use would be a trap house,” said Hensler. “A few people live there on an irregular basis. Go inside you’ll see a couple of mattresses there a couple of couches. It isn’t what you’d consider a normal lived in home.”

Detectives who searched the house found different kinds of drugs and weapons including an AR-15 rifle. Edwin Calligan (21), Zaetarvis Hogue (22), Kashawn Shelton-Grigsby(19), Coreiontae Gentry(19), and two juveniles were arrested. The home has been condemned.

Authorities are investigating at least a dozen other gangs in the city. 

“Our city doesn’t have the traditional known gangs like LA or Chicago where they’ve got the Vice Lords the Latin kings, the Crips and the bloods,” said Hensler. “We have what you’d call hybrid gangs.” 

Traditional gangs were formed based on race or neighborhood loyalty and tend to have a structural hierarchy and clear code of conduct.

Hybrid gangs consist of a diverse group of people and  some could be associated with more than one name. They typically are not as structured as traditional gangs.

“They’ll call themselves ‘400’ one week then when a couple of their members get incarcerated, age out, get killed, or just move, they’ll bring other members in and change their names,” said Hensler.

Still, Hensler said the department does their best to keep up with the changes. 

Already this year, the gang unit has executed 16 search warrant raids and taken nearly 50 illegal guns of the street. 

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