INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) — Hundreds gathered at the Indiana statehouse Monday to press lawmakers to prioritize gun safety in the state.

Moms Demand Actions says an average of 907 Hoosiers die due to guns each year, citing an Everytown Research article. The group is seeking action from lawmakers, specifically asking for action in safe storage laws.

“If I did not have my gun properly stored at my house and my son took a gun to school, I would be held responsible too,” said Erica Jameson, Co-leader of Moms Demand Action in Fort Wayne. “I feel very strongly that I would take the responsibility as well as my son that we would put other people in danger.

According to that same Everytown Research report, 61% of gun deaths are suicides, which is equivalent to the national average.

The group is also pushing for a background check law.