Mom pursues healthier lifestyle for kids, sheds 90 pounds ahead of Fort4Fitness

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The Fort4Fitness Fall Festival is a milestone goal for many who participate. That includes Carly Buchanan who has been on a health and fitness journey over the last year. Buchanan is a mom of two and while she started in an effort to lose the baby weight, she is also setting an example for her kids.

“I’m a mom and I think health is very important, it kind of determines each day, how much energy you have, how much positive attitude you have towards others,” said Buchanan, “For my kids, I just wanted to have a long healthy life and show them how to be active and how to be healthy and how to have energy and so it started with them.”

Buchanan has lost over 90 pounds by increasing her exercise and by changing her diet. As she started losing weight she targeted participating in Fort4Fitness. While her big goal is to jog the entire 4 mile course without walking, her journey started with much smaller steps.

“I started by just setting some small goals like let’s go a day or week without an energy drink. Let’s go another day or a week without fast food. It turned into me losing eight to 10 pounds a month. Some keto, some no carbs, no sugar was in that and basically have lost 91 pounds,” explained Buchanan, “I said to myself if I can do this I’m going to run the 2021 Fort4Fitness, and I’m really excited to be doing it this year.”

The journey to a healthier lifestyle wasn’t always easy but Buchanan said the support of her husband and kids has made all the difference.

“That’s been crucial. It’s not easy to be meal prepping and trips to the grocery store to get the healthier stuff sometimes. Knowing ‘Hey mom’s cooking, mom grilling, baking things mom’s meal prepping for the week’ and then mom’s out practicing or running or jogging for the Fort4Fitness It’s been huge. And I’ll be thinking of them as I run the race,” added Buchanan.

When it comes to tips that Buchanan has for those that are struggling to start their own journey to lose weight, she says you have to take small steps to start, but you just have to start.

“I was you a year ago I was on the couch. You got to take small steps start somewhere, you can set a small goal and just start by the day,” said Buchanan, “Start by the week and then here you can be 12 months later, running a race that you never thought you would do and being 90 plus pounds down so just start small, but never stop never give up, and dream big.”

Buchanan says the next goal for her may be the 10k race at Fort4Fitness, as she continues to practice her new healthy lifestyle.

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