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An Angola woman is facing a list of charges after a Tuesday night crash that left another woman injured.

Noble County Sheriff’s Department say, Tuesday morning 18-year-old Caitlyn Maynor was traveling north on County Road 600 east near Kendallville.

Maynor failed to yield causing 62-year-old Lynn Rupley to crash into Maynor.

Rupley works at the Kendallville Post Office and was out on her route when the crash happened. She suffered a broken arm.

“I mean what we thought was just a simple, two vehicle accident, slowly unraveled and became so much more,” says Noble County Sheriff’s Deputy Brandon Chordas.

Police say Maynor told them a man was driving her vehicle and he fled. They discovered that wasn’t true.

They also discovered she didn’t have a driver’s license, she was suspected of driving while intoxicated, she stole the car, and stole a dog, which was in the car.

“I took the dog to the [Noble County] humane shelter, and once I got there the humane shelter had recognized the dog, and thought it could have been the one stolen out of Steuben County. So, then we scanned the microchip, and confirmed the number and it was actually was  the one that was stolen,” says Deputy Chordas.

The stolen dog was 1-year-old retriever mix, Girly-girl, and she’s back at the Community Humane Shelter of Steuben County.

“She’s doing really good.  She doesn’t really seem to know what had happened.  She’s kind of like “oh! I went on a field trip!” And she’s back to being super happy, and just energetic and being a crazy girl,” says Marissa Saley, with the shelter.

Maynor is facing charges of OWI, Operator Never Licensed, Possession of Stolen Property and Failure to Yield Right of Way.

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