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Metro Youth Sports shares their side to coach rape allegation

A day after one of their former coaches is accused of rape and sexual battery, Metro Youth Sports is sharing their side of the story. Metro held a press conference, as the suspect appeared in court this morning.

Officials says 32-year-old Marvin Davis wasn't a coach at the time of the incident. Metro Youth Football says Davis applied to be a coach but wasn't an official employee because the paper work was still pending.

Davis told police the incident was consensual, and he echoed that claim today.

“I'm innocent, tell them that,” Davis said to our NewsChannel 15 cameras.

In the affidavit of probable cause, the victim says Davis was her brother's coach, and told her he would pick her up to tryout to be an assistant cheerleading coach.

The victim then says they ended up at Davis's house, where he forced himself on her

Metro Youth Sports says the victim's brother didn't participate in any of their leagues, nor was Davis a coach at the time of the incident.

"He's been involved years ago, but every year we have to do a background check.  When this surfaced in 2018, we severed relationships at that time.  Now, when we get the background checks we have to go by what's on the background checks.  Ok. And we get that from Allen County,” says James Winters, president of Metro Youth Sports.

Metro says they make all volunteers go through a background check when it comes to vetting coaches. Volunteers must also go through clinics, and sit in front of a committee for questioning, before becoming a coach.

However, Davis did coach in 2016 and 2017, but didn't meet deadlines to be a coach for this year.

"I've never received anything from a complaint. I've never received any indication that there was a problem emotionally, socially, or anything,” says Peter Hill, football commissioner for Metro Youth Sports.

Metro says they are now including questions about personal abuse during their committee process, and promise to be vigilant.

"This makes you realize you have to look at someone's emotional state. You have to see if they're excitable, and why they're excitable.  You have to look at why they're doing what they do.  A lot of people can hind thing,” says Hill.

This morning in court Davis's bond was set for $12,500, and issued a no contact order to the victim. His trial is set to be scheduled on September 26th.

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