FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – On Tuesday, Fort Wayne’s mayoral candidates stopped by The New Tech Academy at Wayne High school. Mayor Tom Henry and Councilman Tom Didier joined in conversation with seniors in their government class.

The students have been learning about U.S. politics, alongside WBOI, the League of Women Voters, and government officials Rock the Vote.

Leading up to the discussion with the mayoral candidates, students took time to research their topics and questions they planned on asking each candidate. Students asked questions ranging from teen pregnancy and abortion, homelessness in the city, to protecting the city’s water supply.

The New Tech Academy students were grateful for the opportunity to speak with both candidates.

“In a way I felt like I was heard because they are actually coming out here and listening to us as the generation of today,” said Stephanie Rodriguez, senior at New Tech Academy.

“Our voices to be heard because we are the upcoming population for them to be able to hear what we think matters, what we think should be discussed,” said Anna Dostal, another senior at New Tech Academy.

On Wednesday, city council candidates will speak with the same group of students.

Election day for both mayoral candidates is Nov. 7.