Marion homeowner describes finding body underneath 900-pound safe

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It was a gruesome discovery. A body found underneath a 900-pound antique floor safe inside a garage in Marion. 

“I said is my mind playing tricks on me? This can’t be a body,” said homeowner George Hollingsworth.

On Tuesday, Hollingsworth reported to police he thought someone had broken into his garage after finding the door frame damaged. 

Because the place was packed with clutter, he started cleaning the next day to see if anything was stolen. While cleaning, he noticed his father’s antique floor safe toppled over. That is when he reached down to pick up a jacket and felt something strange.

“I picked it up and said ‘Man, it feels like a head.’ My wife had a big doll out there, I thought it was the doll,” explained Hollingsworth. 

After noticing the man’s legs, he ran out to get his wife and tell her what was happening. 

“I said ‘I think we have a dead body in the garage’ and she said ‘you’re kidding me,’ she thought I was kidding her and I said no.”

Hollingsworth’s wife dialed 911. When the officer arrived, Hollingsworth said he was not sure if the man was actually dead. 

“He said ‘hey buddy, buddy,’ and went over and kind of tapped him, buddy, and no response.”

Firefighters were called to lift the safe and remove the man’s body. Hollingsworth said he did not recognize the man who died, but feels for his family who are now left wondering why. 

“What’s the chance of that ever happening to anybody. Like I said, he’s got to have family that cared about him or somebody. To die like that, that’s a bad way to die.”

The man has been identified as 28-year old Jeremiah Disney of Marion. 

Hollingsworth told WANE 15 he does not know why anyone would try to move the safe because there was nothing inside.

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