NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WANE) —Stores and gas stations have been flooded with people buying tickets in hopes they win the $1.28 billion Mega Millions jackpot.

Victoria Harrison plays the lottery everyday and she says she is hooked.

“It’s an addiction. I love it,” Harrison said.

Harrison says she won $15,000 on the lotto before.

“On a $2 scratch off last year,” Harrison said.

She is hoping she will be the winner of Friday’s Mega Millions, but she is going to be selective on who she shares her winnings with.

“Just my immediate family and cousins and stuff like that. Not them cousins that we didn’t know about until we got rich,” Harrison said.

Kyron Johnson says if these numbers are the winning ones he’s going to help a few people and then move out of Indiana.

“Probably the Bahamas.” Johnson said.

Others like Dylan Lambert plan to buy a house, go on vacation. However, he an entrepreneur and wouldn’t stop working on building his business.

“I want to keep working, but definitely take some time off,” Lambert said.

Austin Wetoskuy is a manager at Cap N’ Cork in New Haven and said one customer spent up to $200 on tickets hoping to buy the lucky ticket.

“Today I’ve sold the most Megas since I’ve been here,” Wetoskuy said.