FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The Kroger at Southgate Plaza was evacuated Monday afternoon after fire officials said a man lit a bag of charcoal on fire in the store.

A sign and police tape indicate the Kroger at Southgate is closed Tuesday, May 3, 2022.

The incident happened around 4:20 p.m. at the grocer at 218 E. Pettit Ave.

According to Capt. Adam O’Connor, a man came into the store and lit a bag of charcoal on fire on an end cap of an aisle. The small fire activated the store’s sprinkler system, which O’Connor said kept the flames contained.

Once firefighters arrived, they were able to extinguish the flames with a hose line, O’Connor said.

The store was evacuated. It was still closed Tuesday afternoon.

O’Connor said the store sustained significant smoke and water damage. Here’s a photo from WANE 15 viewer Evan Hinsey of the aftermath:

Photo shows the aftermath of a fire inside the Kroger at Southgate on March 2, 2022. (Evan Hinsey)

Kroger spokesman Eric Halvorson said in a statement Tuesday that it was “cleaning up and evaluating the damage,” and was “moving as quickly as possible to reopen.” He credited the work of Fort Wayne firefighters to put out the fire and keep customers and staff safe.

Kroger division president Colleen Juergensen added: “One person caused this chaos and while it is frustrating, we are comforted and thankful no one was hurt.”

It’s still not known who that one person is. The culprit has not been caught. A description was not provided.

Kroger said in the statement that it was working alongside investigators to identify the person.

The incident was caught on the store’s security system.

The incident has caused several upset people to find alternatives to Kroger. Many are going up to two miles away to Walmart or to the Waynedale Kroger.

The closure has left those within the nearby community without a place to get food, and some rely on walking, making commuting somewhere further nearly impossible.

People showing up to a closed Kroger react.

Peggie Cherry, a Kroger shopper who was turned away at the door due to fire repairs said, “People actually walk by my house, they actually walk up here to the grocery store, they come with carts and everything going by the house, so it probably will hurt the community alot.”

Kroger has stated that they are working “as quickly as possible” to repair the fire damage

Last week, a man set a small fire in the vestibule of the Bud Meeks Justice Center in downtown Fort Wayne.