FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — What started as virtual dating during a pandemic has turned into something much bigger for one man.

“It started out of boredom during quarantine,” said 24-year-old North Dakota native, Matthew Wurnig. “Everything was turning virtual. I got on the dating app Tinder and I saw that you could place your location anywhere in the US for free and connect with people from all over at home.”

Picture of Matthew Wurnig with his 50 Dates 50 States vehicle.

Wurnig took the dates he meets on the dating app and connected with them virtually over Zoom. He started to document the experience online through Instagram and Tik Tok.

Those videos went virtual and he quick his day job and hit the road. Then in January, he decided to hit the road to meet his dates by going on 50 dates in all 50 states.

“I’ve not been home since,” Wurnig said. “I’ve been on the road four months, traveling all around. I should get home around the beginning of June.”

Each date is different and can last a day or more. And the women plan everything from the activities to the food.

“I wanted to be able to meet and connect with all different kinds of people, see all different kinds of lifestyles and backgrounds and just show the uniqueness of each girl and each state,” Wurnig said. “It’s been a really cool experience.”

So far Wurnig has hit 39 states. Indiana will be number 40. On Saturday, Wurnig will be stopping in Fort Wayne to go on a date with native Reyna. What they will be doing is a surprise for Wurnig.

“It feels more like a hangout and relaxed,” Wurnig said. “I call it a date and technically that’s what I like to say it is. But it doesn’t feel like the intimacy of a date.”

WANE 15 will be meeting up with Wurnig and his date, Reyna Saturday.

You can follow Matt’s journey on TikTok @50dates50statesInstagram @matthewwurnig or his website.