Fort Wayne police are investigating after they found a man with an apparent gunshot wound lying in the street on Hanna Street just north of Wayne Street early Friday morning.

Around 4:15 Friday morning, police said they were patrolling the area in response to a fight that happened nearby at Anthony and Washington boulevards. 

As they were driving to that location, they saw a man in the middle of Hanna Street. When they approached him, they saw he was suffering from an apparent gunshot wound to his inner thigh. 

While they were talking to the man, police said he got up and was walking around. 

Officers still called for an ambulance though, and medics took the man to a hospital in serious condition.  

Police blocked off Hanna between Wayne and Berry streets while they conducted their investigation. Once doctors at the hospital confirmed the man’s condition was staying at serious, police cleared the scene and reopened Hanna Street around 5:00 a.m.

Officers said the man was not cooperating with their investigation and wouldn’t provide any details about what happened. 

A bottle of alcohol could be seen lying in the street where the man was found shot. Police said the man had been drinking from it, but it’s not clear if that was connected to the shooting.

They were also unable to confirm if the man or the shooting were connected with the fight along Anthony Boulevard.