FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Anyone who’s driven down Taylor Street just west of downtown Fort Wayne recently has noticed something you don’t see every day.

A home in the 2700 block has a big McDonald’s billboard laid out like a tarp on the roof.

That’s because it is, in fact, being used as a tarp.

David Hannigan lives in the home. He’s rented it for three and a half years.

“They promised me three and a half years ago when I moved in here they’d fix the roof. I’m still waiting,” Hannigan said.

Instead, a tarp has been constantly placed on top of the roof to avoid rain water pouring right into the front room.

They often blow off with the wind and have to be replaced.

A home in the 2700 block of Taylor Street in Fort Wayne displays a McDonald’s billboard on the roof on Thursday, 9/29/22.

When the maintenance man brought the most recent tarp. Hannigan said he all of a sudden started hearing from neighbors.

“They’re like ‘I didn’t know you were a McDonald’s,’ and I tell them I didn’t either,” he said as he laughed.

While Hannigan’s roof is advertising former $2 meals at McDonald’s, he’s just happy it’s keeping the water out.

“I really can’t see it that well because I’ve got problems with my eyes. It’s just a red spot to me. I don’t see the McDonald’s markings or anything, but I’m thinking ‘McDonald’s, where? I want some fries,’” he joked.

Hannigan didn’t want to identify his landlord and get himself into any kind of trouble, but he said he would love it if the roof was fixed.

He said his landlord relocated from Fort Wayne to Georgia.

Property records show the home is owned by American General Finance. WANE 15 has not been able to reach the property owner.

As for how long he’ll be advertising for the fast food giant, Hannigan proclaimed: “It’ll probably blow off this winter.”

WANE 15 checked in with City of Fort Wayne officials to see if there’s any sort of code violation with the home. A response is expected on Friday.