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Moises Martinez Mugshot

A man who shot a woman to death during an argument in a vehicle in 2012 has pleaded guilty.

Moises T. Martinez pleaded guilty in Allen Superior Court to a felony charge of Voluntary Manslaughter for the May 2012 shooting death of 38-year-old Emily D. Housholder. The two reportedly met up on May 29 so that Housholder could buy pain pills, but an argument broke out and Housholder was shot.

Through a plea agreement, additional charges of murder and felony murder were dropped.

The last conversation between Martinez and Housholder was at 1:17 a.m. that day, according to court documents. Then, Martinez reportedly text her,”K, Bout to walk n get in ur car n we will go to my house.”

Later that morning, a neighbor found Housholder dead in on Sinclair Street. Authorities said she was shot in the head.

Investigators combed through Housholder’s cell phone records and found that she had been texting a contact in her phone named, “MO.” A confidential informant told police that “MO” is Moises Martinez. 

Police interviewed 10 witnesses in connection with the homicide investigation.

One witness told investigators the shooting was an accident. Housholder reportedly owed Martinez money and he was waving the gun in her face to scare her. That’s when it went off. 

Detectives interviewed Housholder’s husband who said she had been fighting an addiction to the pain killer Vicodin for several years. She left their home around 1 a.m. after complaining that she may be developing a kidney stone, according to the probable cause affidavit.

During an interview with police, Martinez admitted to selling Housholder Vicodin in the past and said they met recently because she wanted to buy pills. He said he sold her about 80 Vicodin pills on, what he thought was, the evening of Monday, May 30. He also said she owed him $900 from a previous drug deal.

One witness told the detectives that Martinez said the shooting happened while Martinez tried to sell Housholder pills she didn’t want, according to the affidavit. Martinez reportedly pulled out a gun during an argument and accidentally shot her in the head.

Another witness said Martinez went to home to take a shower and burn his clothes, following the fatal shooting. About three months after the shooting detectives recovered bullet fragments from Martinez’s basement wall and burnt clothing from a trash can outside.

Another witness said Martinez was gang member and that Housholder apparently owed Martinez about $1,500. The witness told police that she had only part of the money, so he pulled out a gun and waved it in her face, court documents said.

Martinez reportedly told a different witness that he didn’t want to kill her because he knew she had money “since her husband had money.”

A witness overheard a conversation between Martinez and someone else at a restaurant, according to court records. He was reportedly crying and expressed regret for killing Housholder. He said he only wanted to scare her and that he didn’t mean for this to happen.

According to the witness, Martinez kept saying “I love women” and “I don’t know what happened. It was an accident.”

Several witnesses told police that Martinez reportedly tossed the gun in a river. Authorities were not able to retrieve the gun.

In court Tuesday, Martinez told the court he got into a car with Householder that May 2012 night and they got into an argument. He said he then grabbed a gun and it discharged.

The magistrate told Martinez he was making it sound like the gun killed Householder. Martinez then said, “I shot her. I pulled the trigger. I killed her.”

Martinez was in prison serving prison time for his role in an armed robbery at the time he was charged with Housholder’s death.

Martinez faces 25 years in prison through his plea agreement. He will be sentenced Feb. 22.

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