FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – For the weeks leading up to Make Music Day, Sara Schaefer will introduce you to some of the local bands performing on the international day. Saturday we met Cassie Beer with Rosalind & The Way.

She decided to get the 5 person band together after realizing she wanted to share her voice. “Well I had been writing songs for about a year and decided I’d try to perform them in front of actual people and not just my closet.”

That’s where Nick, Josh, Nate and Ian come in. Cassie says they all easily connected.

They perform Cassie’s songs written about love, homecomings and lessons learned. “I love to write songs that are about the journey that I’ve been through, my family has been through. We have a song about my boy who has special needs, what he’s been through. So I love to be able to write about unconditional love for him and also feeling inspired by my grandparents and their love through battles with Alzheimer’s.”

“I love playing those songs because there’s always people coming up to me at the end like that’s exactly what my grandparents are like. I love to hear how they connect with the people listening so it’s really fun”

Their sound is fun and different and unique to Fort Wayne. “We’ve got a little Americano vibe, we’ve got a little country, we’ve got maybe a little sprinkle of rock in us but I think we’re a little different than what’s out there right now.”

The group has been making their way around venues in Fort Wayne for about a year and a half from Deer Park to Sweetwater. “It’s been amazing to see the support for the arts in Fort Wayne and the music scene. It’s been so fun to discover the community scene here and just how connected and supportive musicians are here in town. It’s been really encouraging and fun.”

Make Music Day is June 21st. Catch Rosalind & the Way at 6 p.m. at The Golden.