FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Make Music Day is an international day of creating, playing and sharing music. Local acts across the world will perform all day. Saturday NewsChannel 15 continued the preview the day coming up on June 21st. Ben from My Apollo came on First News to talk about the band.

Their sound is unique to say the least. “I don’t completely know exactly how to describe it. I’ve tried multiple times because people are always asking who haven’t heard the band what we sound like just for reference. I think the term that I’ve kind of stuck with is experimental pop which is kind of like a contradiction of itself but I think it’s kind of a good assessment. It’s really awesome just because of the fact that the beauty of the group is the fact that it’s seven people who are overall very individual musicians and individual artists and stuff coming together and making something that is very unique. You can hear each individual person but you can also hear the group which I think is a really cool thing.”

The group just launched their first music video in April and it quickly got a lot of views. “Yeah, so far it’s been really taking off and getting a lot of awesome feedback and stuff and I think overall we’re just extremely proud of it. It was our first time ever doing anything like that and we did it more than anything to just kind of have a first impression because we know that we’re still a young band and a lot of people are just seeing us for the first time. So far, it has done what we wanted it to do and that’s kind of introduce us and introduce what we’re all about which the song is “Freakout” and I think a lot of what we are is freaking out so I think that we were very smart in how we approached our first impression for a lot of first-time viewers.”

Having almost 500 views in the first 24 hours was a flattering moment. To Ben, it said a lot about the Fort Wayne music scene. “I think overall there is so much music going on in Fort Wayne and there’s so much different music going on in Fort Wayne and that’s a very awesome thing. It’s a very cool thing because I think that people overall can support many so different kinds of artists and different kinds of music going on.”

My Apollo is playing on Make Music Day at CSS in the Tiger Room at 6:00 p.m.

Check out their sound here. Here’s another local band previewed on First News.