Lutheran Health System to add nursing school to main campus

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Nursing students will soon be able to earn their degree where they will work once they’ve graduated.

Lutheran Health is partnering with Jersey College of Nursing to launch a two-year program for people to earn an Associate of Science degree in nursing.

Jersey College was founded in 2003 by Greg Karzhevsky, who ran a home health agency at the time. Karzhevsky realized there was a growing need for nurses and so he launched Jersey College. Since then, Jersey College has expanded to include two hospital-based programs in Port Charlotte, Florida along with the Lutheran Health program and has plans to continue expanding to other states.

The nursing school will be located in an 8,000 square foot freestanding building on Lutheran Health’s campus that has been renovated to include office space and classrooms as well as state-of-the-art technology and simulator laboratories.

Chief Nursing Officer Natalie Seaber said that Lutheran Health’s reason for launching their branch of Jersey College was two-fold.

“We know that we just like the rest of the United States are experiencing and before COVID have been experiencing a national nursing shortage, but northern Indiana, for many, many years has really suffered with that shortage, more than the rest of the state,” Seaber said. “What we have offered is great programs here in the community, but not enough of them. And we really wanted a specialized program that we knew we could partner with that nursing school and help develop really our core strategies around caring and compassionate care, delivering excellence at the bedside.”

With having a nursing school right on campus with their main hospital, Lutheran Health will be able to train students to their specific procedures and standard of care. It will also allow them to be eased into the world of nursing working alongside the people who will be their coworkers after graduation.

“It’s really about patient care, you know, building those nurses that are going to be able to take care of those patients in the future,” said Brenda Simpson, Director of Clinical Relations for Jersey College. “It truly is our passion. Jersey College, not because I work for them, but as a nurse, I feel like that support is there for them, you know, talking to the student and saying to them this is what nursing school is all about. Nursing School is hard. It’s not an easy curriculum. But again, the reward at the end of the day, after two years of nursing school is phenomenal.”

According to Simpson, Lutheran Health will have the ability to hire students after their first semester of care, which will build up their experience and their relationship with physicians and other nurses.

The first semester of classes will begin in July. Students can enroll now online, or by calling the admissions representative at Lutheran Health at 260-306-5355.

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