FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — In April a man wielding an ax was stopped by 3 Lowe’s employees. On Wednesday, the company recognized them for their actions.

Police arrested Joshua Harless for threatening people with an ax inside of the Lowe’s on Illinois road earlier this year. Before police arrived three Lowe’s employees along with customers took him to the ground.

On Wednesday, Lowe’s recognized those employees for intervening. They awarded them the ‘Angel Award’, given to those employees who go above and beyond including life-saving and heroic actions. One of the employees who helped take him down was Matthew Shiriaev, he recalls what that day was like when he arrived from working in the Garden Center.

“A guy in the middle he starts swinging an ax at one of the customers, and as soon as he did that nick grabbed him from the back, like by his shirt. I don’t know if it was Greg or the other customer who grabbed the front of him,” explained Shiriaev, “They are standing there in the middle, so I run in from the side and tackle all three of them to the ground. Then I’m laying on the guys back, slobbered all over my arm. I’m laying on his back, Nick is laying on his legs, Greg’s laying on his arm, and we were laying like that for like it felt like ten minutes until the cops got there.”

Shiriaev adds that the Lowe’s training focuses on active shooter situation but doesn’t really cover a man with an ax. His instincts just kicked in and he came to the rescue.

Harless is due in court in September.