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Longe Optical has recently invested in state-of-the art technology that allows them to apply anti-reflective coating, branded ProluminaTM, to lenses at their in-house digital lens lab.

Commonly referred to as AR or non-glare coating, it’s applied to prescription lenses to reduce glare, relieve eye stress, and make eyeglasses look more attractive by virtually eliminating distracting reflections from the lens surface.

Longe Optical has the first and only such lab in Fort Wayne.

Longe Optical, owned by Sweetwater founder and President Chuck Surack, recently invested approximately $1 million in high-tech equipment that applies AR coating directly onto the lenses in a multistep process. This is done at Longe Optical’s location on North Anthony Boulevard, which is also home to the only high-definition eyeglass lens lab in Fort Wayne.

Now, instead of sending glasses to an out-of-town vendor, Longe Optical can apply AR coating in-house, significantly reducing turnaround time and allowing for better quality control over the end product. This investment comes on the heels of the 2016 upgrade to the ClearVu Experience, which made Longe Optical the first optical company in the United States to combine digital eye examinations, digital eyeglass fittings, and in-house high-definition digital lenses, utilizing ZEISS technology.

“When our team added the additional AR equipment to our digital lens system, we understood the influence it could have within our industry, and we’re ecstatic to see how the community will benefit from this cutting-edge technology,” said Longe Optical General Manager Stuart May. “We know our patients are going to love ProluminaTM coating on their lenses. It’s a perfect complement to the ClearVu digital HD lenses we have been crafting in-house for the past six years.”

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