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A Fort Wayne man plays a key role as Bud Light updates their popular “Real Men of Genius” ads for the internet age.

The announcer is Dave Steele, who recorded his lines at his house on Fort Wayne’s southwest side.

Steele guesses he beat out hundreds, possibly thousands, of other voice-over artists.

“I didn’t find out I got the job until probably the beginning of May,” Steele explains. “I recorded in the middle of May. And then they just got released today.”

These latest Bud Light ads pay tribute to “Internet Heroes of Genius” such as corporate social media managers, people still using their middle school email, and the people who accidentally go viral – all feted with an overly earnest, tongue-in-cheek exchange between the reader, Steele, and the singer.

Steele guesses each line of each of the seven ads was recorded “17 or 18 times.”

Steele can also be heard on 60 radio stations across the country, Nebraska Cornhuskers and the University of Connecticut athletics, The Oakland A’s on-field announcements, UFC Friday Night Fight commercials, and some work in Europe.

He hopes to reveal another national project soon but says his kids are still not impressed with their father’s big-name clients.

“They still think I’m the biggest dork dad on planet Earth,” Steele jokes.

Bud Light says these new ads will air primarily online.

You can watch all seven of the ads here.

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