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Area liquor stores dealing with rash of burglaries

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - One liquor store owner has had four of his stores broken into over the last three weeks. He said he's not the only victim. He believes this has happened to more than ten other stores.

Cap n' Cork Owner Joe Doust said there's a trend to these break-ins. He said they all happen between 1-4 a.m., and involved the same two to three men. The crime is usually over within a minute or two. The burglars break through the glass doors, then grab bags of alcohol and tobacco.

Doust said his stores on Bluffton Road, Coliseum Boulevard, Lima Road and Coldwater Road were all targeted within a three week period. He talked to other liquor store owners who said they've experienced the same thing, including several Belmont Beverage stores in Fort Wayne.

"We've had four stores hit, I believe Belmont Beverage is up to seven stores that have been hit, and S&V had at least one," Doust said.

Doust wouldn't disclose how much all the stolen merchandise is worth, but he said to get all the glass windows and doors fixed it's about $400 to $1,000 each.

"It's very frustrating," Doust said. "As a business owner it's very frustrating, as a citizen of Fort Wayne it's very frustrating that this kind of crime goes on."

Police also confirmed the burglaries. However could not confirm how many have occurred at this time.

Early Wednesday morning the Belmont Beverage at Time Corners was robbed.

Early Thursday morning, FWPD said two late-teen early twenties males threw a hard object through the front door of the Belmont Beverage on East Tillman Road. Police said the suspects grabbed numerous liquor bottles and placed them in a trash can before leaving. Police said the suspects were inside the store for approximately one minute and police arrived about three minutes after they left.

If you recognize anyone or anything from the surveillance posted here call Fort Wayne Police at (260) 427-1222.


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