Local gun stores see overwhelming demand through pandemic, presidential transition

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Phil Jones is in constant motion within ZX Gun off Coliseum Boulevard, greeting customers, unloading inventory and answering a seemingly endless line of phone calls.

The maximum number of customers allowed inside shuffle around the store, glancing at firearms and ammo boxes hanging on the shelves. Most of the store’s walls are stocked with inventory, with a few empty racks and shelves sprinkled in between. Meanwhile, a small line of two to three people wait outside to enter.

Why is there a large turnout of in-store customers? It is possible many customers were visiting in recent days due to fears over the Biden administration’s stance on increased gun regulation.

“There’s always concern that whenever there’s a regime change, that policies are going to change, especially when people tout it as their platform,” Jones said.

Jones hesitated from saying the surge in foot traffic was all due to panic buying. Despite the ongoing pandemic, there has been an overwhelming demand for firearms and ammo with ZX Gun and other local firearm stores over the last 12 months.

ZX Gun receives between four to five shipments of inventory a day. Firearms and ammo go out the door almost as quickly as it arrives, according to Jones.

Like many gun stores around Fort Wayne and across the nation, ammo has been in short supply due to an increase in firearm purchases. Jones says ZX Gun has been able to keep up with demand for ammo, setting aside enough for first-time gun purchasers.

“There’s a lot going on in the world right now, and people like that sense of security of knowing they can look after their own family,” Jones said.

Jones believes the Biden administration’s stance on gun regulation will not have any long-term effect on ZX Gun or on businesses that sell guns.

“It’s a non-stop battle. They try to chip away at our freedoms and liberties, but it’s the people’s country, and people make the rules,” Jones said.

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