Letter: Student brings gun to Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy

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According to a letter sent home to parents, a student brought a gun to school at Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy on Tuesday which prompted an investigation.

The school’s principal, Shadwaynn Curry said in the letter that the office was told in the morning about the gun. He said staff acted quickly to secure the scene and conducted an investigation. Fort Wayne police also responded. 

It went on to ask parents to talk to their kids about the incident and to stress that bringing weapons of any kind to school is against the law. 

The letter reads as follows:

Dear Parents,

This letter is to inform you that one of our students brought a gun to school today. Our school is committed to the safety and education of all our students. We also want to clearly communicate with parents about safety issues when they arise. The office received this information this morning and quickly responded by securing the scene and doing a thorough investigation.

Thank you to the Fort Wayne Police Department for your quick and expeditious response to this issue. 

Please discuss this incident with your children and stress that it is against the law to bring weapons of any type to school. Please emphasize the importance of telling a parent or a staff member if there is a weapon at school. This ensures that we are all working together to keep our schools safe. Please feel free to call me at 260-489-2500 or email at scurry@tmla-fortwayne.org if you have any questions or concerns. 


Shadwaynn Curry

WANE 15 has reached out Curry and the Fort Wayne Police Department about the incident and is awaiting a response.

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