Leo graduate Michael Bougher won the Indianapolis City Qualifiers, what’s next for this Warrior?

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Michael Bougher just won the Indianapolis City Qualifiers with the fastest time, and will be going onto the City Finals of American Ninja Warrior in August.

He’s a full time EMT, a full time college student, and a soldier in the army national guard, all on top of being an American Ninja Warrior. 

He won with the fastest time, and he already had his strategy in mind going into the competition.
“I was going out of my way to pace myself, and just move efficiently but not rush it.” Bougher said.

He trains at the Classic City Center in Waterloo, but says you can never fully prepare for this kind of competition. “You never know what the shows going to throw at you, so you’ve always have to be ready, you always have to be prepared, to overcome and adapt and conquer the course.” Bougher explained.

While preparing for an unpredictable show, Bougher also balances an unpredictable job. “As soon as I turned 17 about a month later I was already enlisted in the Army National Guard and that has given my life structure, dramatically. I went from being some punk kid in high school, to going to basic training during my junior and senior year of high school, and AIT after high school, and that has given me just a sense of meaning and I love being in the army, its great. They’ve prepared me for a lot of this and very thankful for that.”

As for his future plans,  next summer, Bougher will be in Ranger School. But above all else, he wants to give back to others, which he already does in more ways than one.

“I teach a kids’ class, and they motivate me just as much as I motivate them to do obstacles.” Bougher said.

With a watch party already planned on August 6th for the city finals his support system will be right there with him, cheering him on as he competes for a chance to head west for the big stage. “Hopefully I’ll go onto Vegas, so I have to start training really hard to compete at that level, with these guys.” 

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