LaGrange’s iconic 1886 Inn up for sale

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LAGRANGE, Ind. (WANE) — A 19th-century Italianate style home with roots in LaGrange’s history has hit the real estate market.

“This was a showcase of LaGrange County for many many years,” said Denise Scott, real estate broker and owner of Lewis & Lambright Inc. “You just ask anybody in LaGrange, they know where the big brick home is on Factory Street.”

The brick house at 212 W. Factory St. in LaGrange was built in 1886 by Samuel Shepardson, a Civil War veteran who was involved in the construction of the LaGrange County Courthouse. Shepardson even leaned on some design aspects of the courthouse when putting together his own home.

“This is where he and his family lived for many years to actually the curvature of the windows and the doors are exactly what our county courthouse is,” said Scott.

The house was designed to show off the wealth of the family. Instead of fireplaces, Shepardson installed what is believed to be one of the first furnances in LaGrange County. He also included an intercom system that allowed the residents to communicate around the house.

“With the house being the size that it is over 4000 square feet that it was a way to talk to somebody a child or a family member that was upstairs, they could just speak through it, and somebody upstairs would actually answer it,” said Scott.

The home was initially built for Shepardson’s family to live in but in the 1980s was made into a bed and breakfast known as the 1886 Inn. The current owners of the home had plans to restore it to its former glory but have now opted to sell it instead. Although Scott said there is some work that needs to be done, she said it is mostly cosmetic and that there are many unique aspects of the home that have been kept in good shape, such as unique woodwork and decorative window designs.

“There’s a lot of the old lights that are still in the home, you know it has all the natural woodwork,” said Scott. “The previous owners did a lot to maintain the history of it and the design of the home. A lot of times will go in homes and the woodwork will be painted, but not this home, not this home. It’s gorgeous.”

The five-bedroom, five-bath house is currently listed for $289,900. You can see more on the Lewis & Lambright website.

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