Krontz Kruise raises money for veteran injured in motorcycle accident

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Freedom Rider and Marine veteran Brandon Krontz was injured in an accident while riding his motorcycle a couple of weeks ago. While he made out with his life, it will take months for him to fully recover from his injuries. So, his fellow riders and Invisible Vets wanted to do everything they could to help him get back on his bike.

“The thing that we know about this is that Brandon’s recovery is going to far exceed FMLA,” said Invisible Vets founder Jim Garigan. “Fortunately, his employer has secured his job but we’d like to cover what he’s losing in his pay for the next three or four months.”

A father of seven and a member of the Sheperd’s House Board of Directors, Krontz no stranger to holding a hand out to others, but he’s not used to being the one in need of help. Experiencing his community rallying around him has taught him to better accept support from others.

“I like to see myself out helping people but at the same time in the last month I’ve learned new assets,” said Krontz. “To be more appreciative, and more grateful for the help that I’m receiving. I’m very happy to see that they are out here to help not only me but my family.”

The Freedom Riders are hoping Brandon’s story will make the roads safer for other bikers, by reminding everyone on the road to always be aware of who they’re sharing the road with.

“Look out for others,” said Frank Conner, a member of the Freedom Riders who recruited Krontz two years ago. “Don’t be in a hurry is the biggest thing that you can do, and stay off your phone.”

The ride was a one-day only event but Invisible Vets will be fundraising money for Krontz’s family on Facebook. Texas Roadhouse will also have a donation box in their lobby through the end of the month.

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