This story was originally published May 27 and updated June 4.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A Fort Wayne student gave away an award for outstanding character to a sad friend who was “just as deserving.”

The Kiwanis award is handed out at Franke Park Elementary School for students who exemplify character, integrity, and hard work.

Second-grade teacher Paul Kellog’s only problem was that he had two students equally deserving of the award.

“I had to choose only one student. The problem is that there are two students in my class that absolutely stand out from the rest,” Kellog said in a Facebook post.

Avery Brotherton and Aayden Brown had both been exemplary throughout the year.

Kellog ended up giving it to Brotherton, but that caused Brown to cry quietly.

Upon seeing her friend cry, Brotherton walked over to Brown, handed him the medal, and according to Kellog said, “You were just as deserving of this award.”

“By the time she gave it to me, I did stop crying,” said Brown about receiving the medal.

“He’s my best friend, he has been my friend for four years,” said Brotherton.

Now, both students have officially been awarded for their outstanding character. Friday, the friends were each given a medal and certificate by Kiwanis.

Kiwanis awarded both friends a medal and certificate Friday.

According to Brotherton, the two spend time playing games online together and she looks forward to playing Roblox with Brown this summer.