FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The 53rd annual Three Rivers Festival is back, and a fan-favorite event returns.

For two years, the festival hasn’t been at full force, but now Three Rivers is back. Although it was still included last year, one of its most renowned attractions is back as again…

Junk Food Alley

The buzzing street behind Headwaters Park was filled with flashing lights and smiling faces. And not to mention the food and scents.

A view of Junk Food Alley

A sweet aroma filled the air in a cartoonish fashion, flowing from funnel cakes and elephant ears. One bystander remarked, “The smell is the best part for sure, everything smells so good.”

Old favorites such as funnel cakes and elephant ears were found, alongside deep-fried Oreos, pickled, and fries. But a newcomer was also drawing a lot of attraction as many festival-goers were carrying around bright yellow noodle boxes labeled, “Island Noodles.”

The noodle stand boasts stations for large woks, that have fire spitting out from underneath them when in use.

Brandon Patterson who works the stand let us know why it’s one of the healthier options you can find at Three Rivers Festival, “It’s 100% Vegan and comes with 20 Fresh veggies chopped up with our signature soy sauce. It’s got ginger and garlic in it. And then you can add the teriyaki chicken if you’d like”

He also said that the stand has been waiting 8 years to make it into Junk Food Alley and they finally did it this year.

You can check them out and all the other vendors in Junk Food Alley during the duration of the festival.