PORTLAND, Ind. (WANE) – A group in Portland, Indiana, is trying to save a well-known landmark from being torn down.

“The Big Blue Bridge” is set to be demolished by INDOT, which plans to remove and replace the 81-year-old steel blue structure in April 2023 with a plain concrete pedestal bridge. The group, dubbed Save The Big Blue Bridge-Portland on Facebook, argues that instead of tearing the bridge down, INDOT could restore it for a price tag that would be $2 million cheaper than a replacement.

The bridge is a Parker through steel truss bridge, the last one of its kind in Jay County, and the group hopes to inspire anyone willing to help to work with them to “save a special part of their community. Any ideas are appreciated to save the big blue bridge.”

Residents who live in Portland say the bridge adds beauty and charm to the community, and people genuinely enjoy seeing this Landmark and take pride in it as it welcomes people to Portland.

After an event organized on Sunday to try and save the bridge, more people signed the petition in support.