JAMM Food Truck serves up big, messy, overstuffed sandwiches and is Positively Fort Wayne

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JAMM Food Truck serves up big, messy, overstuffed sandwiches and helps transform the lives of young people at the same time. JAMM stands for “Jesus as My Mission” and the goal is to raise up young adults who will use their new skills to better manage themselves and others. Founder and Director Paula Kaufman says most importantly, “JAMM helps each student to better understand their value and purpose”.

Paula Kaufman and Lake Disinger watch WANE15’s Chris Darby dig into a Big Bama Jammich from the JAMM Food Truck.
The Big Bama Jammich: Roasted Chicken topped with homemade cranberry jam, Alabama BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and lettuce.

The food truck is an additional training ground for Out of a Jam. Kaufman created the non-profit in 2016 after seeing young adults working multiple low-paying jobs and barely getting by. She felt she could teach them how to cook and manage their lives a little differently to benefit themselves and their families. She also knew getting their certifications would help them in the workforce.

JAMM Food Truck

The job hasn’t always been easy. Kaufman said it requires teaching kids soft life skills with loads of “tough grandma love”.

Many kids in the program have overcome difficult circumstances. Briana Walberry said she was bullied at her previous school, but her confidence has grown since working on the food truck. “I’ve grown a lot and everyone else has too,” Walberry said. “I went through a lot of stuff before this and I’ve definitely changed as a person”.

Briana Walberry helps fill the JAMM Food Truck with positive reinforcement

Briana works alongside Lake Disinger who said he’s grown tremendously since entering the program. “I’m just starting to get my life on track and it’s amazing”. Disinger says when Kaufman has to administer her “tough grandma love” he knows he better “whip it into shape”.

Paula Kaufman with some “tough grandma love” for Lake Disinger

Kaufman said, with a smile, that she wasn’t sure she even liked kids before starting the program, but “the kids stole my heart and changed my heart”. Now, she can’t imagine her life without them. “I love these kids like they are my own and I want nothing but the best for them.”

Walberry is living proof Kaufman’s hard work is paying off. “It’s built up my confidence and helps with my anxiety,” she said. “Everybody is just so positive”. That’s why the JAMM Food Truck is Positively Fort Wayne.

To find out more about Out of Jam and the JAMM Food Truck, click here.

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