IU Health’s much anticipated move to Fort Wayne took another step forward Thursday as NewsChannel 15 got a look inside it’s first-to-the-market primary care facility.

“Being able to grow something from the ground level is an incredible opportunity,” Chief Medical Officer Geoff Randolph said. “It just doesn’t happen anymore.”

The building at Engle Road and West Jefferson Boulevard now sports an IU Health sign. It’s not far from empty land west of W. Jefferson Blvd., on Aboite Center Road, where another sign teases IU Health’s move.

“Most markets grow by acquisition, these days, so for us to be able to come into a market and actually create our own nucleus, and grow it from there is really unusual,” Randolph added. “So for me, that makes this really exciting, very interesting and a great opportunity.”

I-U Health already opened the Riley Children Hospital clinic off Coldwater Road, but this is a bigger step, opening a primary care facility.

Twenty exam and procedure rooms take up the space inside. A crew of two doctors and 15 other staff members will be working when it opens August 1, but the team will grow gradually, much like IU Health’s presence in the city.

“It’s really indicative of a longer-term commitment to the Fort Wayne community as we open up additional primary care offices and related services,” Ron Stiver, the president of system clinical services explained. “Over time, really look to build an integrated system of care.” That system could leave an impact here, potentially creating a competitive environment with Lutheran and Parkview.

The people with Greater Fort Wayne, Inc. have their eyes on the move. In a statement from John Urbahns at GFW, Inc. told NewsChannel 15: “Our region is growing, and that means there’s a growing demand for critical services like medical care. IU Health will add to Allen County’s already-exceptional healthcare options.”

The public is welcome to visit the facility during an open house. It is set to happen Tuesday, July 31 from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.